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Welcome to my website!
Feel free to get to know my curriculum vitae and some information concerning my personal life, which is included on the main page, in 'after hours' and the gallery

wonder years ...

. . . I was born on 11th July 1975 in Syców. However, nothing except that associates me with that place. It might said that I was only once in my life there. In the early childhood, I lived in Olszówka (a small village in Twardogóra parish)- quite short- however, I have spent all holidays in the village in further years, and I still get back there regularly to visit my family and to recall Wonderful Years. I spent several further years in Międzyrzecz Wielkopolski. However, my childhood and school years are mainly associated with Krotoszyn. I graduated primary school and then Grammar School of Hugo Kołłątaj in mathematical-physical class there. Along with my study in primary and grammar school, I also went to Public Music School of first grade in Krotoszyn, where I learned to play the piano and the cello. I graduated from music school with distinction. However, I did not continue my study. In spite of my wide interests in music, art, history, I was always a typical science mind, so maths, chemistry, physics and astronomy were more just the subjects to pass.

studies ...

. . . I started my life’s adventure with IT during my college studies. After I had achieved quite high grades on the entrance exam, I become a student of Cybernetics Faculty at Military University of Technology in Warsaw in 1994. I graduated from the university in 1999 with master’s degree of IT engineer. I got A grade for my master’s thesis called ‘The idea of system of loading network LAN analysis’. One of my thesis elements was creation of an application, which analysed movement in set segment of the Ethernet. The application researched and stored the history of data concerning e.g. intensity, types of used protocols, sizes of frames, with accuracy to each of device in the network. Results of the analysis from numerous segments of the network, displayed as charts and graphs, were showed on a website. I used such technologies as e.g. BSD UNIX, Apache, C, HTML, JavaScript. Even nowadays, after several years of work experience, that project is still in the group of most interesting and coolest for me.

family ...

. . . greatest loves of my life are my wife, Eva and my son, Kostek. In spite of fascinating job, which sometimes requires commitment, and thousands of interests, I try not to neglect my family. I think, I don’t and I will never value anything more than my family, and whatever the life will bring, I will always put them on the first place. We live in Białołęka, in a flat adapted from attic, in a quiet and cosy housing estate, which has a lot of advantages that compensate us a long way to the city centre. We spend almost every weekend on an allotment near Warsaw, where we gradually create our ‘second heaven’ from spring to autumn. So far, we have only planted some trees, bushes and flowers and we our dreams about future there. At the end, I must mention about other two members of our family, Rajah and Philemon. These are two cats, real roofers, who spend whole summer lying on the roof, where they jump through open sunroofs.

professional ...

. . . major part of my professional resume is associated with insurance business and IT solutions for that market. Signifucant period of that part, I spent working within the field of supporting sales network. I designed, programmed and implemented information technology solutions in the range of calculating sales fees in multi-channel distribution networks. I defined and implemented sales data models, ratios, measurements, rules, sales schedules parameters, and amounts of fees and multidimensional reports for control and simulation of sales. System CARUSO Agent, which I created myself from the very beginning (including functional analysis, application’s design and major part made in Oracle 10g technology, Oracle Designer / Forms), is at present the only author’s product offered by Sygnity Group in the field of sales support and calculation of fee for banking and financial products’ sales.
. . . Another significant element of my work experience was introduction to business and functionalities of product systems for insurance. I was key member of analytic team in the project concerning implementation of system of life insurance service for PZU Życie Company in years 2005/2006. We worked out with my colleague and in cooperation with customer’s business team detailed documentation, which consisted in functional requirements description, business rules, description of following processes, data model and business logics for all elements of the system. Functional range of the system included, e.g. registration of applications, policies, accessions (in case of group insurance), changes in the policy, service of payments, calculation of insurance premiums, balance of a day (accountancy day), evaluation of funds, benefits service, correspondence service, external systems interfaces.
. . . Next, equally important stage was my participation in the project of implementing the system of pension funds service for one of the largest financial groups in Russia, IFD Kapital. The project was conducted in Russian language. I worked in the project as a programmer/designer, then as an analyst. I got to know specific character of pension funds field, Russian law regulations, and Russian mentality, what is particularly important for all of those, who conduct projects in Russia. In the further stage of the project, at the phase of maintenance of provided functionality and implementation of next products, I become the project manager. It was the phase of maintenance of provided functionality and implementation of next products.
. . . Work in Aviva (Commercial Union) projects mainly included tasks concerning system analysis in the field of claims service and bank-assurance projects.
. . . For last two years, I have chosen the field of management. First, of the project (IFD Kapital), then, of a department in Implementation Department of Sygnity Group, responsible for Insurance and Pension Funds Solutions. I have been focused on my own business activity mostly associated with WEB 2.0 subject, but not only, for last several months.
. . . Qualities that I appreciate very much are openness, being curious of the world, professionalism, accuracy and determination of acting, precision of pronouncement, diligence. I care about tendency to implement innovations and aiming at improving quality and efficiency of work. Such qualities as companionship and will of helping other people are important for me.



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